Tonbo Quality Guarantee Clause

Protect to fix the scope

  • All note《protect to use life long》 of product of  TONBO.

  • Emerged in the course of normal function of the use of the products which can cause damage to normal use.

  • Damage to the product functionality and packaging caused in transport process.

Not Protect to fix the scope

  • The product of non-TONBO brand.

  • The wear and damage to the use of packaged products.(such as paper box,plastic box,label...etc.)

  • Damage caused by the use of plastic products handle surface peeling and rust situation does not affect the fuction of products.

  • The products annotated the non-life warranty or warranty period on the Packaging and the paper card.

  • The product outruns oneself service life to wear away.

  • The user carries on a machine to process to change to the productreplacing the non-TONBO product accessories without authorization.bringing the damage to the usage function and the external appearance of the product.

  • The damage to usage function and external appearance caused by the abnormally usage to the product by the user. (Use not andnormally. Don' t according to the operating instructions, facttiousness of tool intentionally or not and intentionally of damage,exceedthe usage scope of tool).

After-sales service

  • Products with quality problems emerged in terms of the warranty can be brought to the nearest TONBO vendor by illing warranty cardsgetting free maintenance and replacement.without any certificate.

  • The product in terms of warranty should observe the principle that Maintenance first and then replacement.

  • In terms of prdeuct warranty,products will be delivered to TONBO designated dealers at the fastest speed if the dealers do not have accessories and products.

  • Not in terms of product warranties,the vendor will be paid for repair or replacement services.

  • lf want to understand more concerning (unusual tool after-sales service ) please obtain the more detaliled item elucidation from the dealer.

Maintain to remind

  • The surface of products should remain clesn after use,avoiding damage to tool caused by the chemical reaction leftin the tol surface.

  • Tools should be kept packaged in the right place when prolonged unuse of products.

  • Appropriate products lubrication should be added to reduce wear to extend th life of the tool when prolonged use of products.

  • Plesse read carefully the introduction of hand tools for use on order to ensure the correct use of tools.

  • Hand tools should be equipped with the appropriate protective measures to avoid the danger.

  • When used All hand tools must not exceed the scope of the tool,not replace other tools.

  • Please not to let the nonage get in touch with the tool,should use under the guardianship of the adult.

> The end hermeneutic power of this item returns the group of TONBO all.